Day 1 - St. Jean to Roncesvalles to Burguete.

Woke at 4:30 and was packed by 5:15

Woke early and packed tent etc. Started walking before light. Road was straight up!!! Climbed to top at 1450meters. 
Tough walk but really fun. 
Arrived at Ronces at 12. 
☀️  not too hot and forestry helps shade you. Had lunch and knaped for a bit and then walked on to Burg. Was going to camp but I thought I deserved a good night so got a single room. Hot shower (we take it for granted), better than a wash in the river( there's always tomorrow).  

Sunrise, already a good way up.

Breakfast at 800m.

Van selling coffee. Welcome sight.

Just at the top

Roncesvalles. Good to have made it.

Thoughts for today.

As I walked round St. Jean I came across the walled and fortified castle overlooking the town. 
I thought of where we run to when trouble comes. More importantly who we run to. 
Jesus is our strong tower and the fortress we can run to daily or when trouble comes. This year I have run into Him on many occasions. When you wake are are alone, when you cry and think you'll never stop, when you are lonely that crushes you to jelly. 
I am so thankful for knowing Him and the power of His unending comfort. 
I have found only Jesus can bring peace true peace that passes understanding. 

As I left St. Jean I had the feeling of leaving my safe place and stepping out into the unknown. Not that I need to fear because He is always there for protection, but what else does He have to show me on the Camino. 

I'm excited for the days ahead and who I'll meet and what is around the next corner.

Till tomorrow, sleep well and dream of doing the Camino.  

Nearly there. NOT!!!

Peace in the woods

What lies ahead ?


In my evening meditation this phase came up, it seemed to fit what I was thinking all day. “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I, for you have been my refuge”