San Juan de Ortega to Burgos

Camped in wood last night. Lots of weird sounds. Slept well and dreampt of wild boar flattening my tent. Woke at 5 and left 5:45, remembering the sun cream!!! Went through two towns before a place was open for breakfast. It was so good!! Got to Burgos early and setup tent in an official site. Washed all my cloths and myself!!!
I smell lovely again. 
I was going to walk into city to explore but it's 45 mins walk. I've done enough. Just laised around and a beer or two. No sangria!!!

Hidden in the woods

Official camp site.

God is love.

It's amazing how a holy God can LOVE such wayward creatures such as us. As I walk I feel so insignificant in the vast county. But I still know Gods love overwhelming me. If you've been missing His love, search for Him because He is closer than you think. Maybe look behind you because the path you are on might be in the wrong direction.

Look behind you

Sun coming

They are everywhere