From marker 39 (camping) to Fisterrana

Left at 6:30 and found breakfast one just up the road. Good start. Finally made it to "the end of the world ". Long way but now my walking is over. I will amble in town tomorrow and go to the lighthouse etc. Stay another night and then take bus back to Santiago. 

More hill, No sign of sea.

Keeps the mice out of grain store

Too big for my boots or is that too small.

I think I see the sea!!!

Yes it is

Still 7km to go

Are you prepared to give all

Found a church in the middle of nowhere that opened as I was about to walk on. I sat inside for a while and as I have done in the past and do most days, I recommitted myself to the Lord. Today was more deliberate and conscious. 

As I sat I surrender my life to the Lord, all of it, nothing held back, without reservation or compulsion. I am totally His. He has done so much is saving me, I happy to surrender the reins to Him. I am in the palm of His hand, I'm under the shadow of his wings. 

As I'm on the final leg of this Camino journey, it's good to know that His plans and purposes are perfect and I'm happy to trust Him totally. 

Locked church that then opened

Church in the middle of nowhere.