Burguete to Zubiri to Zurian

Day 2 woke at 5:30 and started walking 6. One problem of starting early is that nothing is open for breakfast. Ate a heathy bar and arrived at Zubi at 11. Had breakfast or was it lunch. Wanted to go a bit more but not in the heat. I went out of town and had a siesta. I'm finding it hard to sit for a few hours in the heat of the day. I'm a doer and sitting is hard. It's only day 2 so it might get better. 

Zuni bridge. A welcome sight. Tough down hill stretch.

Having a siestas beside this industrial plant seemed quietly reassuring that the world is still carrying on even if I’ve stepped out for a while.

Slow down.

I think God speaks at 4km per hour. We spend our lives rushing here there and everywhere. Life rushes by but we miss so much because we are trying to keep up. Jesus walked the roads and always had time for everyone. His pace was nice and slow. I think we sometimes need to slow to His pace. Spend some time in the quietness. It’s hard with all our family responsibilities but it’s worth it. God speaks in the still small voice.

God love is so amazing. This reminded me.

Gods love is wonderful. Especially shown through sending his son Jesus to save us. Where can we run from God and his love? Nowhere, not the Camino, not the far side of the world. God always shows up and wants us to know His love.

Good distance

Shower time but I slipped so it was bath time. So refreshing.