Camponaraya to Villafranca del Bierzo to Trabadelo.

6am start (comfortable bed!!!)
First section good and found coffee early in small town. Second breakfast at Villafranca, lovely town in steep valley. Market in main square, bought fruit only. Then took alternate route straight up for 200m then steady climb to top.  Off main road so really nice and quiet. Tough 1km straight down at end which was tough on tired feet and legs, but well worth it. Saw a Cat with two different coloured eyes, it hope it wasn't a...(The 47 Ronan). Found a spot beside river for the night. Had a bathroom (river) all to myself. 

Could it be...

Seen better days

I stopped, she looked at me and just kept on eating.

Steep climb

I'll take the high road, you'll...

Bath time.

Could do with some of that.


We don't like taking about servants any more. It's an era that is mostly gone. We think of Lords & Ladies and the "downstairs" servants. Do you remember, upstairs downstairs on TV.

I saw this pilgrim pray a few days ago and have been thinking about it. All is good but "my servant" got me thinking. 

Is Jesus "my servant"?
I am certainly His servant. I nailed my ear to His door (not physically) a long time ago, willingly and happy to be His servant for life. 
But is Jesus "my servant "?
Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords so can He be a servant? 
He said "I have come to seek and save the lost".
If that isn't servanthood then I'm not sure what is .

When He washed the disciples feet at the last supper did He not show that he is servant.
And His instruction was to do and be likewise. 
I'm more than willing to be servant of the King because of all that He has done for me. 

The song goes "He is our servant King".

So in one sense it's true He is my servant, but very soon every knee will bow before the King of Kings, I willing bow today to serve Him only  


Mini hedgehog forest. (Horse chestnut)

There's a 1 in it!!! I know it is really 200km but the 1 makes all the difference.