Zuriain to Pamplona to Uterga

Day 3- woke it 6 and walked at 6:30. Walked to Pamplona and since it is a city at least I got breakfast. Very welcome. I didn't spend long in town, too busy for me. Quiet lanes are more what I like.

In town a 89 year old stoped me and welcomed me to Spain and the Camino. Lovely man and he gave me a poem. 

How to live  

To live loving.

To love hoping.

To hope welcoming. 

To welcome singing.

To sing sowing.

To sow dreaming.

To dream constructing.

To construct sharing.

To share blessing.

To bless accompanying.

To accompany walking.

To walk living...

And to live loving.

Everyday You whisper to us so, 

And even so, we forget it, Lord.

By Florentino.  

I walked and walked today and in it l, all I lived.


I was soon out of town and climbing to Alto del Perdon. Hard climb in midday heat. Water tap a welcome sight. 
Got lunch with a mixed crew of Italians, Americans, Polish and Hungarian.  Had a siesta and stated again at 2:30. I long climb to top. Then a long haul down. To slowdown I pickup litter, lots of tissues (better not think about it too much). I have I litter picker so don't mind. 

The only blister so far is on my thumb!!!(litter picking). 

On way into outskirts of Pamplona

Entering the walled city.

Beautiful building in city.

Hot walk

Alto del Perdon

What lies ahead.

Another tough day but brilliant