Estella to Luquin to Los Arcos

Started at 6:15 and took the hill route. Beautiful forest. Very hot today, 30c. Had lunch and waiting in town till 6 for "running of the bulls". To run with the bulls or not? One pilgrim in hospital from last night, so maybe not. Beautiful church in town which inspired thought for today. 

Good shepherd in centre.

Lost sheep.

The Good Shepherd is always good. Regardless of the tough time we might go through. He always search for us when we wonder. We come back to Him but we wander off again, but He always search for us until He find us. I’m so glad he walks ahead of us to lead us into green pastures. He knows where the best grass grows. He  satisfies our deepest thirst. The thirst that we try to satisfy with everything else but always the thirst remains, until we find Him.

Blacksmith beside road

Long road in heat.

Church with shepherd

Bulls running the streets. 

It was me, in my dreams!!!

The bill came right at us, good barrier.