Fonfria to Triacastela to Samos

Woke at 5 to rain!!! Stopped at 5:30 so got up quick and packed a very wet tent. Set of to the long downhill section. Knees ok but hard work. Found a lovely breakfast early so set me up for day. Ham and eggs!!! Arrived at Samos by 11. I stopped because I want to stay at the monastery for the night. Only 23km today but maybe a short day is good. Or maybe a long day tomorrow!!!

Had a Galicia dance last night with the receptionist at the dinner place. I taught her Irish dancing (sorry Amanda), well kind of!!! And she taught me Galicia style. Quite similar but their arms are in the air. I might have made a show of myself but who cares. 

Misty start but at least no rain

Beautiful morning till it rained

Tonight home

If you can, build it

Very peaceful


Has anyone ever asked you
"A penny for your thoughts?" When I'm asked, the answer is usually "nothing". I think men and women are different. Men think of nothing most of the time but women are always thinking of something, tasks, tomorrow or what if. 

Well today was a day of nothing. Not that I didn't think but nothing stayed in the head too long. The beautiful countryside went in and I enjoyed it and then it left. The days plans, came and went. The memories dwelt a while, fulfilling their purpose and then faded till the next time.

It makes a difference to some days when something comes to mind and it goes round and round. You churn it over and over. Even worse when the thought comes at night. You toss and turn and very little sleep is had. 

You know when the thought sticks and doesn't pass through!!! Maybe it's a problem that needs a solution, well keep thinking and the solution will begin to form. Maybe it's anger, ask for forgiveness and then let it flow out. Maybe it revenge, consider, why revenge and not forgiveness and love and reconciliation. Don't let thing stick. A cluttered mind is not a mind at peace. 

I thank God for a beautiful day of "nothing". What a restful day. 

I hope you have a "nothing" day soon. 

The road ahead