Azofra to Santo Domingo to Vilamayor

Woke at 5 and in road at 5:45

Good to start before heat.
Long way (14km) before breakfast.
Visited cathedral in Domingo, good value for 5€ to see inside and roof view and clock tower with clock display. Great views. 

Some clouds so kept walking. 

Lots of grain fields.

Clock tower

Tick Tock.

Keep your lover close.

Walked with a man today who's marriage ended 3 years before retiring. I'm so thankful that Linda loved me and cared for me for 36 years. I don't know how she did it because I'm not the most straightforward man but she must haved loved my quirks.

Everyone reading this, please keep working on your marriage even when you think it ok. Abandon yourself to your lover and love with all you've got. Don't take things for granted. Don't go to sleep angry. Talk and talk and talk some more. Kiss and kiss and kiss some more. Hold hands and look in their eyes and tell them you love them. Life is short and you never know what's around the corner. 

Poppies everywhere

Looked like rain but it didn't.