Itero to Fromista to Carrion de los Condes.

5:15 start. Walked in dark for a while and then the sun came up. A big ball of orange before it fully broke through clouds. It was a hot day. I'm sure 35 for last stage. I was going to stop one back but met my groupies who were pressing on. Italian, Spanish and who knows. Campsite again so wash cloths and shower. So good to be clean. Walked with girl who didn't want to talk, weird but ok, we kept a good pace. Camped with Italian guy who is also camping. (Second time). 

Ball of orange.

The forgotten

Yellow stone makes it stand out.

Section beside road a bit boring.

What is the Camino?

I've met so many people with so many different reasons for doing the Camino. 
I'm not sure why I'm doing it. First I thought it was for a long walk but as I get more time to think it is turning out differently that I expected. 
It's certy not a pilgrimage in the original sense. But all of life is a pilgrimage in one sense. 
I got a very thought provoking txt today that made me cry and as I process it more I'm sure there will be more tears. 
God speaks in many ways, we just need to be ready to listen. 
If you have never hear Him speak then the best place to start is open the bible and read. It is never a waste of time. 

Some Camino pals.

My other goupies.