The end of the end of the world.

No real walking to do today. My journey is over. I visited lighthouse at the end of the end of the world. Got photo of 0.000 marker. Walked through forest to hippy beach. The most amazing beach possible. Back to town for lunch with a Germany I met. Went to tourist office to get Finisterre certificate. Met two of my Italian groupies plus new friends. Very relaxing day. Back to Santiago tomorrow but this time as a tourist. This is my last blog, glad you could join me on a very powerful journey. 


Amazing friends.

New friend

End of walking

Spain uses . and not , it's 2,610 to get home.

Hippy beach

What seeds have been sown.

I stood high on the cliffs at the lighthouse at the end of the world. I took from my bag a fir cone that I picked up 400km back on the road. It's a cone Linda world have collected and painted and put in the fireplace for the summer .

It's a dead husk, a spent object, it's done it's purpose, the seeds have been scattered and sown. As I stood with the waves crashing far below and the breeze in my hair, in stillness as many marvelled at the pure beauty of the place, I thought what Camino seeds have been sown in my life. Some may grow and blossom, some that were for a moment as I walked, will wither and die. The seeds are sown and only God knows what fruit will come of them. My Camino is withering and dying, it's a dead husk, an object for a season but it will always live with me as a special month. 

I threw the cone out over the cliffs and to the sea far below. My Camino is done. God has truly bless me as I walked. With pain and sorrow but now with a sense of joy as I turn for home. 

Thank you my heaven Father for sheltering me every day under your wing, for giving me strength for the journey and teaching me so much. 

To you be all the glory and honor. Amen. 

A dead husk but so much more

Beautiful place.

The walk is done.

Signing off till the next adventure.