Palas de Rei to Ribadios de Baixo to Arzua

Had an amazing T-bone steak last night. It was so tender but also enormous. I couldn't finish it. The picture doesn't do it justice. Slept well in a good bed and full stomach. Got up at 7 and had breakfast before leaving. Lots of walking in forests out of the sun. Still quite cloudy. Felt like a long walk but it wasn't too far. Got a campsite for the night. €8 all in, hot shower, cloths washing basins and swimming pool!!! Met a lovely Dutch couple in campervan, had coffee with them. 38km to go. Intend walking 30km to morrow so close for the walk into Santiago the next day. 

Wood walk


Steak you could die for.

Pipers (Spanish style) Felt like home.

Official site


Do you remember your first Christmas, not when you were one but the first one you remember? The excitement, the expectation, the anticipation. You couldn't sleep, would he fill the stocking at the end of the bed. Morning came and yes, the stocking was stuffed full of goodies.

Coming to the 2nd last night before Santiago, the anticipation is building. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. It will be all over soon and in one sense I want it to continue forever. 

The physical suffering will be over, the emotional struggles will be ended (but never ended), the spiritual learning concluded (but again never ended). Wondering what it will be like to walk into town and then the cathedral. Will the tears flow again. I'm sure I'll sleep tonight because of exhaustion but the anticipation remains. 

Just like home

Great for the sore muscles