Puente to Leon to Oncina de la Valdoncina

Thunder and lightning and heavy rain last night at dinner so I took a room. Walking at 5:30 to Leon, big city with long industrial walk in and out. Didn't want to stay long so had breakfast and visited cathedral and museum. €5 for each!!! On the way out of museum the girl said " that was quick". Then on the way out of the cathedral she said "wow that was quick". I don't stand around !!!! Very nice centre of city but I wanted peace and quiet again. 35 degrees at 11, must have got upto 38 by the time I stopped. I have to say it HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!

On way into Leon.

Don't say it.

Made it.


Look dad, it a pilgrim

Some church organ


No one likes change. We are very happy with the status quo. We like the normal, the same, the routine, the safe. We like habits whether good or bad. We are somehow happy waking up to the same old same old. We normally don’t look for change, it just happens. Well this year the normal changed forever. It can happen to us all, loss of a job, breakup of a relationship or maybe a medical emergency. In my case it was death. One day you’re normal then the world flips upside down. You can’t find you feet, everything is not as it should be. You wish for normal but it doesn’t come. You try to build new habits but they seem so strange. You want your lover back but she gone gone gone. Can your life ever get back to something like normal ? As I walk and think I can see that there is light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. Life goes on without you, you seem to be watching in but can’t join in. All of us have an amazing future ahead even though we maybe only see glimpses of it at the moment. I know my loving God has not left me, He still loves me with an everlasting love. He still want the best for me even in this changed circumstance. As I walk I’m getting closer to Santiago but also I can see I’m getting closer to my new future. It’s a little cloudy and lots of unknowns but I’m ok with that. Here’s to your future even if it isn’t as you expected. Lets run the race, fight the good fight and press on to all our futures.